National Public Transport Day


Saturday September 21, 2019
Throughout France

A key highlight of the Mobility and Road Safety Week, Public Transport Day is organised each year by GIE Objectif Transport Public in order to promote the use of mass transit, with the support of the Ministry for Sustainable Development.

A major national event, the Day puts the spotlight on local urban, inter-urban and regional transport networks, which offer special deals to the public to encourage them to find out about the advantages of public transport and ultimately, foster changes in behaviour.

Encouraging long-term changes in travel habits

Featuring dedicated welcome arrangements, this initiative makes it possible to establish direct dialogue between passengers and public transport stakeholders.
The benefits of public transport, which is not only cleaner overall but also cheaper than cars for households, have been proven in the field and convincingly argued in the press and media – which provide extensive coverage of the event.

Nationwide mobilisation

France’s most recent edition of its Public Transport Day, held throughout the country on Saturday, September 15, 2018, was as successful as ever: almost all the regions and big cities of France took part in the event, allowing 59 million people to benefit from promotional offers.